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I can tell you why our programs work. I can give you lists of benefits you’ll experience by nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. And maybe if you know me, that will intrigue you enough to give it a try. But if you don’t know me (yet!), the best way for you to learn how well this works is to hear directly from some of my clients who have successfully completed one of Ambiente’s Revolutionary Wellness Programs!

Cari - Seattle

The program is laid out very well and approached my health from all aspects of the mind, body and spirit. It’s not just about calories in vs out; you helped me to see how my food and activity choices can affect other daily decisions. It’s a lot easier to tackle a long day when fueling yourself with fruit, veggies and water vs caffeine and carbs!

When I signed up. I was in a bit of a rut and felt I needed to be pushed off the edge of a cliff. However, you did not push me off, you helped me find my path down in a focused and controlled manner and helped give me mind-tools to focus my energy into positive changes.

My general outlook has started to change by finding value in sharing my thoughts with friends and fueling my mind and spirit with my food choices. But the best part of working with Daniel was his gentle approach. I thought we were having a general conversation about things, then he’d throw a curveball question and I’m pulling out some deep issues, like how truly stressed work can be (even though I love what I do!) when I stretch myself too thin. Even though I’m done with the program, I still find value in challenging myself with a new mediation skill or a new recipe.

I completed the six-week Revolutionary Wellness Blueprint program. The main reason this program worked very well for me is that it tackled my transformation through mind, body, and spirit. I lost nearly 2% body fat in six weeks but the biggest gain involved my mindset. I defined what true wellness means to me personally, whether that is learning to say No or overcoming an addiction that plagued me for many years.

Daniel is a great coach who embodies empathy and a true desire to help his clients succeed. I would 100% recommend this program to anybody who is interested in living a healthier and happier life. Because at the end of the day that is what truly matters. 

Dariene - Seattle

Josue - Miami

Thank you for teaching me this lifestyle; it was my first time being involved in such a well rounded program. I was a skeptic but this program suited my needs perfectly with how well it targeted my life’s journey. The areas alone that targeted my mind, body and soul was the perfect mix for me. The usual programs only target one thing and you hit them all.

My mindset has changed a lot. I was not eating right and did not notice how my habits were affecting me. I learned to eat right and treat my body right, then my mind and soul changed for the better. I speak and walk with more confidence. 

I lost about 17 pounds in just a few months after I stopped my old habits and picked up new ones. I have way more energy actually and the proof is in the pudding. My apple watch records my active energy and it says I am burning a lot more calories from how active I am.

I liked the personal approach with you. You spoke at my level and never above or below. Respected me and my time and made every effort for my schedule.

I would recommend the program to anyone in need of a lifestyle change. You should try it and reach new growth – it’s amazing.

If you are interested in a revolutionary wellness protocol to determine nutrient deficiencies, imbalances, and a customized plan that’s specific to you, book a FREE discovery call to learn more! Let’s move beyond food and physical symptoms to explore and uncover root causes of disease and unhappiness to help you live a fuller, more fulfilled life!